E-Commerce Merchants

Credit Card Processing for e-Commerce

Flagship Merchant Services offers the most reliable and widely used processing solution for a business looking to perform online transactions. Being able to accept all major credit cards through your website is easy and hassle free with the system we offer.

Online Payment Acceptance

Our payment gateway gives you the ability to take credit card payments directly through your website. Our payment gateway is designed to maximize time and save money.

Payment Processing

Our payment gateway accepts all major credit cards, including Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover® and American Express®

Fraud Prevention

Our Payment Gateway comes with Fraud Center technologies that give merchants the ability to modify their gateway security levels along with these defensive tools:

  • AVS (Address Verification Service) – Gives merchants the ability to verify transactions by entering the billing address tied to their customer’s credit card through the Virtual Terminal or directly on their website’s payment page.
  • CVV2 (Card Verification Value) – Merchants are able to validate a mail or phone order transaction by entering the 3 or 4 digit code found on the back or front of the credit card used by their customer.
  • Transactions can also be restricted by the amount of charges over a certain period of time, dollar amount, or even IP address.


The API (Application Programming Interface) allows merchants to customize the ecommerce transaction flow without compromising the gateway’s high level security. This is an ideal solution for integrating a shopping cart, which affords the use of advanced web development solutions or the selling of multiple products or services.


This payment form uses simple HTML scripts that can be easily integrated, allowing merchants to create a “Donate” or “Buy Now” button. This solution is ideal for merchants selling a limited quantity of products or accepting donations.

Merchant Console

The Virtual Terminal allows merchants to run and download reports, view and manage transactions, manage users and user permission levels, view statements, and control account configurations.

Payment Security and PCI/DSS Compliance

PCI/DSS Compliance is simplified through our payment gateway. Our servers store sensitive customer data by using their hosted payment forms and transaction tokenization. Additionally, customers can be assured their information is secure thanks to our high-ranking security.


Merchants have the ability to accept payments through their Virtual Terminal on the go by downloading the free mobile app.