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Become an Agent


  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors by offering a free POS system.

  • Capture new customers looking a best-in-class POS system.

  • Engage customers with value added service options.

  • Earn more money in the long run.

Flagship Merchant Services has the ability to place you into one of the best merchant account / credit card processing Agent programs in the entire Country! There are a number of companies offering agent programs across the United States. However, the problem with most of them is that the training they provide is brief and inadequate. Not only will you receive tools that provide an incredible competitive advantage, but you will actually receive superior training that allows you to use our tools in the most effective manner possible. This translates into your ability to actually earn commissions and bonuses that are normally out of reach in other programs. You will receive the support and skills that will allow you to earn literally, amazing compensation. If you are open minded, driven and have a great attitude, a six figure salary is here for the taking.

**** Bonus structure includes:
25 Accounts at $200 Per Account: $5,000
1st 25 Deals Bonus: $1,000
Month End Tiered Bonus: $2,500
Top 5 Agent Bonus: $1,000
3 for $300 Bonuses: $900
1st 2 Deals Special Bonus: $250